The Importance of Having Donor Recognition Plaques In Your Hospital

As a nurse I have been employed in nearly ten different hospitals over a span of 30 years. I started working at the young age of 21, and continue to work in the same line of profession till this date. Working in a hospital is extremely challenging and at times those challenges can be a real back breaker but every so often when the patients praise you find that your work is extremely rewarding.

When I started out it was really tough, you have to remember the fact that during those days we had limited access to technology, so most tasks had to be done manually, and that at times meant nurses had to double as clerks as well. This meant that more often than not you would find me taking count of the inventory or looking at how many syringes had been used up till date.

A few years ago a wealthy patient was in treatment for Bone Marrow cancer and I used to see him every few weeks or so, in his will he promised that a portion of his fortune was to be given to the hospital so it could continue the good work that they were doing, after he passed away we decided to dedicated a hospital wing in his name. For nearly a decade the wing has been exclusively used for the treatment of bone marrow cancer patients and it is at times great to see that this one individual’s donation could be the cause of happiness for so many individuals. On the 10th anniversary of the ward being opened we decided to honor him by placing a hospital signage in his honor. For the task we hired a company called visual communications.

They did a great job with it, and the walls look simply smashing, and they also made a small plaque which stated the name Fitzgerald (the name of the donor) and described his contributions to the hospital.
The wing now recognizes the achievements of a saint of a man. Thank you Visual communications for a job well done.