The Benefits of Using Multilingual Marketing

5 min readJul 9, 2019

If you have decided that multilingual marketing is worth exploring, then you are likely to reap many benefits. Here are the advantages.

In today’s digital age, small businesses that are just starting as well as established large companies can benefit from having multilingual digital marketing. This is because more than 3 billion humans use the internet not just to catch up on social media but also to buy products online. Therefore, the language a company uses to sell their product or service online is a significant determinant on whether or not a customer can be swayed to make a purchase.

Top Five Benefits of Investing in Multilingual Digital Marketing

In 2019, English is not the only language that people use on the internet. Out of the estimated world population, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese ranks amongst the top five languages used in the web.

To some, these statistics may not mean anything, but to a smart marketer or entrepreneur, it presents a huge opportunity to invest in multilingual digital marketing. After all, if you are a smart business owner introducing your product to a new audience, you can reach your target customers through geography and language. Need more proof; here are the top five benefits of investing in multilingual digital marketing.

Gain a competitive edge

If you are struggling to reach customers beyond your home base, then try offering a free translation. There is a strong link between multilingual content and the likelihood of a customer making a purchase. Recent research shows that 72.4% of consumers would rather purchase a product or service from a website with information in their language.

Furthermore, while 72.1% of consumers spend all their time on websites in their language, 56.2% reported that their ability to get information in their language is more important than the price of goods and services.

With more than 50% of consumers willing to pay for goods from websites offering it in their language, you will gain a completive advantage by using multilingual digital marketing. If your competitors can sell their products online by using only one foreign language, imagine how many more diverse customers you will reach by ensuring that your website has the option of the multilingual interface.

There is a rapid increase in internet users

There is a diversity of languages used on the internet. As more people purchase gadgets that can access the internet, the number of internet users will keep increasing rapidly. With so many languages becoming available, the need for businesses to translate their website has become paramount. Besides, selling to people in other languages other than your own not only promotes business growth but allows consumers from other countries to appreciate what you offer. Also, a multilingual website is cost-effective as it allows you to reach a wider number of people in your target market.

Expands your target customer base

With the internet becoming one of the most important means of communication. The boundaries of language and geography are ceasing to exist. As a result, the need for online translation has become a must-have for businesses that need to flourish. If your customer service can talk in English only, you will limit your customer base. However, using a multilingual digital market, you will get noticed by global customers, which results in opening new business markets. The reasons behind the importance of translators in business can best be explained by the numerous published statistics which show that:

  • While there are more than 1 billion English speaking internet users, there are also more than 863 million Chinese people using the internet.
  • Out of estimated 520,777,464 that speak Spanish, 66.1% are internet users.
  • People that speak Portuguese is assessed to be around 289 million, and approximately 59.2% use the internet.
  • From 2000–2019 the number of Malaysian/Indonesian internet users has grown 2,861.4%. This figure is certainly lower as compared to that of Arabic which grew by 8,917.3%
  • As of 2019, China internet users is the largest with 829 million people, followed by India, which has 560 million internet users.

The United States. Brazil. Indonesia. Japan. Nigeria. Russia. Bangladesh. Mexico ranks amongst the top ten countries with the highest number of people using the internet.

Multilingual marketing is cost-effective

It’s easy to think that language translation is an added cost. However, if you are to compete with other businesses and make a profit. Moreover, you need to understand the major role that languages play in your niche. Although cheaper, Google translate can have errors (especially for words with multiple meanings). So it makes your readers confused and in turn, as a result, lower the credibility of your brand.

By employing the right team of translators, you can ensure that your website generates targeted traffic. Which will result in conversion rates. With content that is well translated. Customers are more likely to engage in the service you offer or purchase a product. Furthermore, the higher the language barrier between your brand and target customer, the longer the time it will take to reach intended profits.

Quick SEO Wins

By employing a professional interpreter. Or using language-specific subdirectories that support translated versions, you can shape your message in another language without violating Googles guidelines. Adding multiple languages to your website adds value to your content, which boosts your organic traffic and search engine ranking. The trick to improving your website visibility is to launch translation subdirectories on a domain that search engines consider authoritative. You can test the success of this method by translating some of the best performing contents on your website.

As the new digital era continues to shape the future of business. The importance of investing in multilingual digital marketing cannot be emphasized enough. In addition, when foreign speaking customers read content in their language, it builds brand loyalty and trust. So it results in purchases. In conclusion, besides, e-commerce retailers who want to grow and expand will need to consider foreign speaking countries. As long as you implement your strategy correctly, you will reap the benefits.




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