Types of Branding Videos to Inspire Your Next Marketing Campaign

2 min readApr 23


Know the top 7 types of branding videos to inspire your next marketing campaign. Branding videos — videos produced or sponsored by a company or brand are an effective medium for visual communication. These kinds of videos don’t specifically advertise or promote your brand. Instead, they strive to convey the human aspect of your organization by informing people about its principles, corporate culture, and the things that are important to you — all of which are becoming more and more significant to today’s consumers.

Research shows that 77% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that share the same values as they do. In addition, 84% of people have been persuaded to purchase after watching a brand’s video.

But what makes a good branding video? In this post, we’re sharing 7 types of branding videos that will inspire your next marketing campaign.

1 — Branding Videos: Origin Story Videos

If customers are aware of your brand’s values and principles, they are more likely to be receptive to it. An origin story video, or a video that narrates the birth and history of your brand, is the best approach to convey these values. In addition, it establishes a strong connection between your audience and your brand by introducing viewers to the essence of your company.

And for instance, if you run a video production company in Dubai, you can produce original stories such as an animated movies, founder interviews, archived photos and videos, short documentaries, etc.

2 — Company Culture Videos

Other branding videos to inspire your next marketing campaign are videos on a company culture that emphasize the immaterial principles underpinning how your business operates and are essential for attracting highly-skilled employees. According to research, more than 75% of job applicants consider an organization’s culture before applying for a position.

Interviewing your most enthusiastic staff members is one of the best strategies to develop corporate culture. Employees make the ideal brand ambassadors since they are the most familiar with your company’s values.

3 — Branding Videos: Product Videos

As the name implies, product videos assist companies in introducing their products to their audience. In addition, you can use product branding videos to promote your brand and highlight your products’ features and advantages.

Your product videos should ideally have a charismatic and dynamic host who will enthusiastically discuss the product. If possible, consider including an influencer or brand ambassador to increase the authority and credibility of your product videos.




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