360 Drone Cameras Review

A 360 drone camera is acknowledged as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), it is a new aircraft without a pilot in the sky, it is used to record the world in full 360 degrees. A 360 degree virtual reality camera drone is specially designed for the skilled aerial videographer in 4k resolution. All over the world, the drone technology is advancing very rapidly.
 A 360 degree drone camera is an airborne machine which does not have any pilot to drive it, it is operated on the remote system which is similar to the remote airplane. The drone is not just a simple camera but also acts likes an eagle eye which can be used for detective purpose.
 A specialty job of 360 drone camera is used to resolve the grave issues like a sting operation, it acts as a third eye for the human. The drone camera has a lofty clarity of 720 pixels, it gives a spiky image of the object and capturing video in a more precise and distinguished style.
 A 360 Drone camera is very compact which has an average weight of 380gms, this flying tool is made of fine fiberglass material whereas metal is negligible. The drone camera parts are repairable, there are many sites providing repair services for the drone camera, an instruction will be there on the website.
 A 360 degree drone camera plays a vital role in the modern world because it does not require manpower to capture everything on its own without any one’s presence at the instant spot.

Aerial Pro 360

Aerial Pro 360 is the latest breakthrough in 360 VR camera technologies, its major advantage is the capability to capture professional aerial videography in 4k resolution, the functional is also enhanced with videography with no blind spot.
 When we look into the product specification, it has 23 minutes flight time, 4K recording option with 30 frames per second, powered by 5400mAh battery, and the 360 degree image is captured.
 It can take a trip in a maximum wind speed on 30Kph, the device weight is 1.3kg through which it can move effectively. It also enhanced with dual cameras and let the user control the drone using 2.4 GHz RC transmitter.
 Aerial pro 360 is the world first 360 degrees Air drone to capture video with 4K Ultra HD resolution, this drone will be a user-friendly vehicle for the first time pilot and for the experienced users. You can live streaming the video with VR goggles or through the online platform to see the captured experience.
 This drone is also the world first dual application drone to capture video and photos, it can be used to capture in the large agriculture area, construction monitoring, cinematography, real estates, Patrol, security, crowd management, and the public safety.

Viooa 360 Drone Camera

Viooa 360 Camera is an innovative generation camera having 360 degree imaging along with sensors to have a superior camera resolution, it has a highly intense footage that is captured in a real world. It has the most recent image processing technology along with deep learning capability; with this, the image quality becomes much superior. It has an additional functionality of intelligence to handle the unmanned vehicle.
 Viooa can capture up to 360° x 185° angles with Ultra HD resolution along with drone camera enhanced with 32 megapixels, The virtual gimbal camera has the deep learning capability in the real time processing. Users don’t need to worry about the fisheye effect with the advanced technology behind this camera.
 The equipped sensor allows the drone travel around securely without damaging the drone, it is enhanced with sense avoid technology and the ground facing optical flow image processing sensor. It can calculate the velocity of travel and position with these features. Along with the autopilot option and the sensors equipped, this drone can be safely moved to the place with the self-awareness layer.
 Viooa does not have any moving parts but can be compromised with 6 axis image stabilization sensors, the capture moments can be viewed through the HDMI port. The drone can be used to capture most advanced mapping agriculture application, it has unique mosaic mode through which the user can capture the high definition image and precisely leveled photos. Each snapshot will be having the geographical locations tagging which is pulled directly from the autopilot for the image processing.

Exo360 Drone

360 Drones are becoming huge with the development in the recent years, there are technologies with augmented reality and virtual reality, now the drone development is booming to combine these two technologies.
 Exo360 Drone has 5 cameras to capture the footage in 360 degrees which enable the image to be viewed with Virtual reality headset, this drone has 2 versions and the user can choose the drone based on the requirements, it gives a good image capturing experience with 4 cameras on 4 arms and 1 camera under the main body.
 Exo360 takes very less time to process the image within 4–5 minutes, with these entire features, the configuration of Exo360 really influences the users. It has a flight time of 18 minutes for one full charged which is powered by 6600mAh, it is less weighted with 1.8 Kg.
 The Price varies between 1000$ and 1400$ with the different versions, Exo360 can be accessed by RC or Smartphone, using this drone the user can see the real time capturing when it is on the flight mode, it has a very good landing position along With the data stored on the SD card.
 It also comes with the attractive black color, the design look is stunning, it has a feature like “Follow Me” to get the real time experience, Eagle eye which gives you satellite imaging, orbit shots, swoop, dolly shot, Multi waypoint. Therefore, you can sit back and enjoy the show.

Drone Janus 360

Drone Janus is dedicated for Virtual reality video which is equipped with 12 cameras, it has the mapping point to capture the real-time picture effectively. It has the highest amount of data captured in each flight, the flight timing will be 15 minutes on full charged, the data volume capture on each flight will be for 150 GB.
 Drone Janus 360 combines the high-end cameras along with the latest technology, the device can be used for tourism, cultural events and taking the 360 panorama views. A major attraction will be the cameras with 10 4K cameras that create a unique experience for the users.
 Drone Janus has a 360 degree vision and the device is more stable with double stabilized heads, the specification makes it more popular, the Drone looks awesome with Quad-copter type. The video is captured with Full HD 1080 pixel, the data can be transfer and stored with 1000 meter distance, it has the lithium polymer battery that gives a good amount of charge for the image capture and the drone travel power.
 The Device has Drone volt motors which give an incredible speed for the flight, the flight control is in GPS mode, it has the highest of all wind restriction of 45 km/h, it can handle temperature from -5 degree to 60 degrees.
 Let your dreams fly high…No one has ever collided with THE SKY! Thanks for reading:)

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