Facebook Spaces VR for Future Social Hangout

Virtual Reality in Social Media

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated Oculus Touch in the year 2016.The main component of Facebook spaces is gesture controls through which it gives a most fantastic virtual reality for the users. In the world of social media, Facebook always lead with virtual reality in Facebook spaces.2017 is a year of virtual reality where the virtual reality comes into the play.
 Facebook’s bold and bizarre virtual reality introduced an application called Oculus Rift. Once the declaration was done, virtual reality followers were intrigued by the notion of a Virtual reality realm with Facebook’s vast personal data.

Cost of Facebook Spaces VR

Facebook spaces using Virtual reality need a lot of investment. Hardware Cost of the Facebook space will be approximately around $1000 along with a computer to jog it, but still, it is in beta experimental technology. It will be expensive but the virtual reality will be the key to the future in social networking.Oculus VR was obtained by Facebook before 3 years for $2billion. The contract will be added $400 million cash along with 23.1 billion Shares in Facebook.

Digital Avatar

Facebook Spaces is established on Oculus Rift plus Touch. A digital avatar was built by the users in virtual reality application. Digital Avatar will appear depending on their Facebook profile picture. The user can modify the features of avatar like a color of the eye, hairstyle along with hair coloring, lip care and facial characteristics among others.After picking an avatar, virtual reality users can come out with their Facebook friends in the virtual world. The users can demonstrate their Facebook snaps and videos including. Once we logged into Facebook accounts, the user can unite in a favorite hangout virtual space. They can have a chat with all joined friends, draw some stuff in the air and take some virtual selfie pictures or videos in the 360 angle as if you were inside them. It resembles the future.

Welcome! Anyone can join with Oculus Rift and Touch controller technology. The user can group up to four people in a ground called virtual playground, their user can do variety stuff like watch your favorite videos, take a snap, engage in a number of dissimilar virtual activities together. Take a time to enjoy the simple things in the world of virtual reality :)

Facebook Spaces is obtainable in beta version on the Oculus Store along with a selfie stick. Users can take snaps of their lovely moments and go halves the reminiscences in virtual reality with their Facebook friends. Facebook spaces VR has integrated with messenger video calls enabling users to show their Virtual Reality knowledge to persons who are not in VR.

An idea of Facebook space is to treat the platform like your favorite place where you can doodle your thoughts, you can make yourself comfortable or play games whatever you prefer through virtual reality. For example, you can knob through the console to the art tab to make a virtual pencil for commencing doodling in mid-air. The drawn image has to be distorted into an interactive object. Anything you draw is distorted into an interactive object so that the user can illustrate a cap and then put on your head or a sword you can pick up and swing. Sitting in the middle of the room is a sphere of sorts that user can modify the background around you. Virtual reality will accept any kind of pre-rendered options like space environment or underwater environment.

Initially, I couldn’t realize that I had a point with my digital index finger rather than stab with my hand to pick and make active a virtual button. Facebook spaces product manager Mike approved in an interview that, obviously we have work to do.Really I had a good time when my friend joined me in virtual reality space. It seems like we have occupied the same place and not feeling like 1000 miles apart, living up to what Facebook exactly describes as the paranormal feeling of presence.

How It Works Really?

Once you are login into virtual spaces with your Facebook account credentials, Facebook will use machine learning language to produce the digital avatar. Avatars are made totally based on photos which you have posted on Facebook. Additionally, you have an option to customize your avatar.Generated avatars are expressive and they will do all actions. When you or your nearby person’s talks, the avatar’s mouth will move depending on the sounds. If you are smiling, the avatar will also smile, with help of exhausting a tethered Oculus headset, you can move around each other by moving around your real space. The user could only view the avatar’s body from the squander up.

The Oculus Rift

An Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headphone thought which the user can enjoy the Facebook Virtual reality space. This is developed by Oculus VR a division under Facebook Company. This headset aims to connect to lofty power systems also uses facilitate superior computations and graphics rendering. When we look at the spec of oculus rift, it has stereoscopic OLED display which will give you a good display. This has 1080*1200 resolutions with a good refreshing rate of 90Hz and 110-degree view.For Audio Quality they have integrated headphones that can endow with the 3D audio effect. It has a value add of position tracking system. There is a USB infrared sensor that picks up the light and this makes a better user experience like the user can use this device while sitting even walking.

Common users will have a doubt, what will be the requirement for the device to this Oculus Rift. The PC should be powered windows 7 at least along With a basic of i-5 processors with 8 GB RAM. The system should have a graphic card too. For using plugin we need HDMI port and USB ports.

Pros And Cons

When we look for the positive side there are a lot of money being invested in making Facebook VR a great experience. This will be a mainstream break to reach the product globally. Facebook major concentration is in the Virtual reality that the user to make their own world.

User can’t see any flaw of data leaks in Facebook, there are providing a wonderful service for the users. Customer needs to wait and see how the quality of the streaming image is coming out.


Like the transformation from sharing text to an image, image to video, video to virtual reality is the future. By giving people the power to share Facebook makes the world more transparent. Using virtual reality space in Facebook friend circle doesn’t need to worry about getting together. This smart social network gives a very good new space for the users.Facebook bet that virtual and argument reality will become a part of daily life. The only aspect is that how far it affects the real world. All the technology will make the real human lazy by making things automated.

Finally, Facebook spaces VR is really a new communication platform. By feeling truly present, the user can share unbounded spaces and the experience with the people in your life. Imagine sharing is not just a moments with your friends online, but the entire experiences and adventures. Virtual reality is a self- created form of chosen reality, therefore it exists.

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