Whyyyy…series — Part 1

I am going to ask a lot of why questions in design part by part (it may be right or wrong)….what ever i am going to post came to my mind while using an app ….

Why You tube didn’t introduced the search feature for a word inside a video …. mostly used after watching a video

My scenario —Long time ago i was watching a video where Gates & Buffet was responding to questions asked by students in a community hall which was organized by an university, btw…which was really good…..After some months again i got a thought of it and i got that video, but the issue is i am not really interested to watch the full video… i had some words in my mind which they talk is still ingrained, so i was just clicking here and there to get that exact timings were i watched … it took a lot of time for me to find it …because its a 54 min video…

Below is a solution which shows how words can be searched inside a video…..

Introduced a search button inside the video ( right side top corner )
You can search any word ( it appears if the word is there )
Search results of the word with different timings
Selected the second option, which got the video to load from that timing

Comments, feedback are always welcome…..

Thanks for taking time to read this…