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1 September 2014 at 20:52 · Dublin, Ireland ·

I'm definitely considering do not completely trust anymore when a Yelp review says “don’t go to that shop ’cause assistants are rude” or something similar. I’ve walked miles around the city centre since the past days looking for special guitar picks and a tripod for my camera, and in every shop I’ve entered I found people willing to help (me), even I don’t buying anything at the end or clearly expressing in advance I was not going to purchase a device at all. I've had a 10-minutes photography class, I heard owners recommending their “competitors” and the last one — that I thought he would be angry after I spent several minutes analysing how heavy was a tripod — said “God bless, have a nice day” when I left his shop. I just walked towards the exit door and I just smiled for a noisy street — his words, his attitude really touched me.

It seems silly and kinda obvious serve customers well, however when you realise that it has becoming more and more rare this “human approach”, these small things are capable to make your (to)day happier than yesterday.

I eventually bought my Beatles’ guitar picks but I still didn’t find the perfect affordable-small-lightweight-suitable-on-Ryanair's-luggage tripod… but I learnt two brilliant things from this shopping experience:

  1. Spend more time writing good reviews instead of complaining
  2. Bless more people around me.

Seems like both are really worthy to do it more often.

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