Can you link to the extra resources mentioned in the DLND somewhere?
Tahsin Mayeesha

Here is a list of links, I personally found most useful from the Deep Learning Foundations course

I didn’t read all of them from A to Z, rather I read either a complete article or just a small part (e.g. a chapter from Deep Learning Book) if I didn’t understand some concept. The best explanations for me are from Andrej Karpathy.

Covers all main concepts of Deep Learning: (Deep Learning Book)

Udacity Deep Learning by Google (very good introduction to Deep Learning from Google):

Stanford CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition, 15 lectures:

RL Course by David Silver (DeepMind), 10 lectures:

Here you can find all papers to neural networks (a lot of theoretical stuff, but very useful):

Understanding backpropogation (backbone of neural networks):

Introduction to TensorFlow:

Convolutional Neural Networks:'s-Guide-To-Understanding-Convolutional-Neural-Networks/

Recurrent Neural Networks:

Language translation, sequence-to-sequence, NLP: (talk from Quoc Le, Google)

Reinforcement learning:


Generative Adversarial Networks:

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