If you are like me and you don’t use an email client, you have probably run into the following: you click on someone’s contact information or e-mail address and an app opens right in your face. Email client user here? Let me tell you that it’s pretty annoying! Can we do something better?

Don’t get me wrong, mailto links can be useful for those people who use some kind of a client app. It can save a lot of time with opening a blank e-mail for you - it can even fill out the subject line. If you are looking…

Nowadays one half of Medium is complaining about the unreal designs published on Dribbble. The other half of the design community is writing articles about why concept art is important. Here’s what I think after completing Paul Flavius’ design challenge.

When I first noticed Paul’s designs it took me 2 seconds to decide: I’m going to do this! I often felt that I’m a quitter, so it seemed to be a good opportunity to prove myself the opposite. I also wanted to sharpen my Sketch and Principle skills and it seemed to be the perfect challenge for that. 2 hours…

Bence Vitarius

UI/UX Designer @UXstudio

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