Ximilar not only grows by its customer base, but we constantly learn and add new features. Our aim is to give you as much comfort as possible — by delivering great user experience and even features that might not have been invented yet. We learn from the AI universe and we contribute to it in return. Let’s see the feature set added in the early spring of 2019.

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New Label Types: Categories & Tags

This one is a major, long-awaited upgrade, to our custom recognition system.

Until this point, we offered only image categorization, formally: multi-class classification, where every image…

The article is also published at Ximilar AI Blog.

This update is huge! Even though this summer in Europe is really hot, we are working hard to improve Vize to become a tool that helps you understand and improve the results much more than any other similar platform.

As we promised you in the previous update of Vize, here are new features that would save your time and lower your stress levels significantly.

More Tools for Developers

Vize users are asking all the time for tools to help them inspect and debug their classifiers. As machine learning experts, we know how hard it can…

The article is also published at Ximilar AI Blog.

Vize.ai has become part of Ximilar. We are thrilled to announce that the merger of Vize.ai and Ximilar is now complete. We offer not only custom solutions for e-commerce and tech, but also a free platform Vize by Ximilar running at https://vize.ai allowing you to play with image recognition in an easy to use interface.

New Features

We have really been working hard and listening to all our current users to deliver an easy to use solution for your visual alchemy. …

The article is also published at Ximilar AI Blog.

Are you junior to image recognition? These are best tricks & tips for you or your developers building image recognition solution with a small dataset.

Machine learning is still young but it becomes highly available every day. Apple Vision SDK, Google Tensorflow or Vize image classifier make it easy to train custom recognition models. While running a vision platform I get many questions and we deal with limitations of technology. …

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A ton changed in my priorities since 2012. I’ve fixed cashflow & step by step I’m fixing overall net worth. I’m paying attention to the fact, that life’s short and there’s a reason to not work as hard as it is technically possible.

A few things clicked in spring 2015

We were cruising Europe in our caravan and I felt that it was the right time to become autonomous again. I wrote a good bye email to co-workers and returned to freelancing — uncertain but rewarding, fathership — highly rewarding and stock investing — highly uncertain.

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Spring 2015. After trips to Croatia, Sicily and Turkey, we’ve taken our caravan family to the western part of Europe. And took a little side trip to Morocco. We left home in early April and were back in late July — over 15,000 kilometers of adventure. The longest trip we made.

Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca — largest mosque in Africa

The Original Plan

On previous trips we’ve chosen a destination and drove there, while working during the trip as well as enjoying local life. This time, we had a plan to go to Morocco & back. …

Víťa Válka

User interface designer who convinced his family to switch from a house to a travel trailer. #digitalnomad

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