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Ximilar not only grows by its customer base, but we constantly learn and add new features. Our aim is to give you as much comfort as possible — by delivering great user experience and even features that might not have been invented yet. We learn from the AI universe and we contribute to it in return. Let’s see the feature set added in the early spring of 2019.

Original article is at Ximilar blog.

New Label Types: Categories & Tags

This one is a major, long-awaited upgrade, to our custom recognition system.

Until this point, we offered only image categorization, formally: multi-class classification, where every image belongs to exactly one category. That was great for many use-cases, but some elaborate ones needed more. So now we introduce Tagging tasks, formally: multi-label classification, where images are tagged with multiple labels per image. Labels correspond to various features or objects contained in a single picture. …


Víťa Válka

User interface designer who convinced his family to switch from a house to a travel trailer. #digitalnomad

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