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📍At the Tokyo trip Kirik team met with Mai Fujimoto, one of the most popular crypto influencers in Japan, known by the nickname “Miss Bitcoin”.

📌 She is one of the most influential person in Japan’s blockchain space. She is the founder of Kizuna, a certified Non-Profit organization that lets you make donations via Bitcoin. Kizuna platform is focused on giving opportunities to students and allowing underprivileged children to build human relationship, and thus, has successfully mentored more than 3,000 students to this date. She is also involved deeply in the development of cryptocurrency world in Japan such as the cryptocurrency exchanges and mining businesses. She also actively advises blockchain-based businesses by providing her insight and sharing her network so that the global blockchain industry advances to benefit more and more people in the world.

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You can check out her web-site 👉🏻 https://maifujimoto.com/

Here is something about our trip to Tokyo 👇

We met with 3 funds to discuss investment opportunities and project participation. We also met with several IT companies focused on blockchain solutions (payment services, decentralized A.I., etc.). In this visit, the team managed to communicate with 3 of Japan’s key crypto influencers.

✔️ We also held meetings with several crypto projects to exchange knowledge about product development and foreign market penetration. KIRIK’s team spoke to one of the largest financial groups in the world, as well as with high-ranking officials of the Japan Blockchain Association.

KIRIK’s technology was understood and supported
by everyone we spoke to without exception, despite the mathematical complexity behind its theory. According to our Japanese meeting partners, many people have been waiting for this technology for a long time — and its arrival is welcome, expected and necessary. …

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