Any given sunday

“Any given sunday you can win or you can lose, any given Sunday anything can happen”*

Any given sunday your alarm may sound before the sun rises; you may have the strength to get up and prepare some toast with Nutella and coffee while you decide if you wake up.

Any given sunday it may be rain or wind, maybe even the sun will rise; You may have prepared the right clothes or you may forget your raincoat and only realize this when it starts to rain.

Any given sunday you can go slowly, or you can go fast; you can go on the flats or you can look for the Peaks as a mountain Goat. You can go alone or shelter in the safety of a group; you can give relays or make excuses about how bad shape you have and how little you’ve trained.

Any given sunday you can stop to relax with coffee and scones, or you can refuel on the fly while trying to avoid the dreaded bonk.

Any given sunday you can go home feeling a giant of the route or you can lose even your name on the way; it even be the case that in both cases the ultimate prize is the same.

Any given sunday you can go cycling or you can stay at home thinking about what might have been.

Your choice, I have it clear.

*From the movie “Any Given Sunday” Oliver Stone.

English version, please find the original here