But You Never Finish Anythi

Neon On The Beach

Live Art Installation Proposal 
Title: To Come
Location: Any Rocky Beach Anywhere 
Participants: Man With Rolled Up Pants’ Legs, Sailboat Captain
Text: But You Never Finish Anythi 
Unrendered Subliminal Text: ng 
Materials: Neon lights (tubing), Generator, Power Cables, Sailboat 
Artist’s Note 1: It’s only humorous if you don’t think about it.
Artist’s Note 2: If you think about it, it’s not funny. 
Artist’s Note 3: If you think about it too long, you realize that it’s not finished and as such, it might improve as the artist continues to work on the concept. It might even become humorous but I wouldn’t hold my breath. 
Marketing Note 1: Available soon as a postcard (check back here often).