Crafting The Morning’s Excuse Note

28, February 2017

Dear Ms. Flewellyn,

Please excuse Jedidiah from playing badminton in physical education class today.

Jed tells me that all the other children say, “bad mitten,” and it’s playing havoc with his sensibilities.

If Jed, instead of participating in an endeavor involving “the rackets,” could be allowed to wander (or wonder) the halls of school aimlessly for an hour, 
I believe you will notice an improvement in his overall outlook and readiness to pounce on, and wring out, all of the meaning that is possible from your promised lecture later this afternoon on Shakespeare (William).

Please know that Jed is enjoying third grade and that even though it is quite chilly this morning, he’s not wearing any covering for his hands (because mittens, bad ((see above).

Mrs. Andrea M. Gerstle
(Jedidiah’s mom)

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