Crafting The Morning’s Excuse Note

13, January 2017

Dear Ms. Flewellyn,

Please excuse Jedidiah from Health class today (perhaps Jed could meet during that time with Mr. Hand in the theater arts building. I believe Jed wants to continue to develop the comically heartfelt impression of Principal Montaige he hopes to perform at next week’s talent show).

Last night, Jed and I were reviewing some of the latest extravagances from those computer hacks that have been in the news. Somewhere in that spacious imagination of his he got this notion that his own computer had been hacked as well! They are so impressionable and vulnerable at this age, aren’t they?

I feel that the combination of his hacking worries and today’s pending Health class discussion: How Today’s Youth Can Learn To Unthink The Unthinkable, might bring to the fore a mosaic of unnecessary confusion for Jed. This is the last thing he needs as he is having his hair trimmed later in the afternoon and needs to be nonabstractly unambiguous in his styling instructions and preferences to Enzo.

I suspect Jed’ll be poor company for his lunch-table chums today but please know that he is enjoying third grade. . . enjoying these golden days, and especially the mischievous hijinks of your classroom aides which he tells me about and are apparently happening (tee-hee) only when your back is turned.

Mrs. Andrea M. Gerstle
(Jedidiah’s mom)

Previous excuses from the desk of Mrs. Andrea M. Gerstle are on here on Medium.

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