Feasting The Heart

A Review Of Reynolds Price’s book

Feasting The Heart
Reynolds Price
5 stars — because the whirring sound you hear is your head spinning.

Wonderful personal stories — truth, dispassionately engaging.

Written for National Public Radio’s All Things Considered. . .

“There are three main reasons for being a teacher — June, July and August,” is but one of the quotes that make for a more than enjoyable read. Poignant reminiscences of the author’s youth as well as warmly written pieces of the author’s later years (these were written in the years 1995–2000 when the author was in his sixties) give a picture of someone who has lived a life deep in literature, family and challenging personal circumstances.

Referring to himself as “The Great Indoorsman,” and writing in the final story, A Premature Farewell, that he’d, “watched the planet mainly through glass. . .” his insights so keen, it’s easy to believe that’s not actually the case.

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