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Garnet, so this is a wonderful use of the language. Sometimes it’s a challenge to put the great responses into context with the original writing. I’m glad I made it here (finally).

I feel compelled to mention an LP album I owned before time began. It was Country Joe MacDonald’s recordings of Robert W. Service’s poems. The album is called, “War War War.” The first piece is spoken but others are sung. Before I’d bought it, I’d only heard one song and it was the lyric, “There are no pockets in a shroud,” that stuck in my memory. It’s the only thing I remember from the album — except for some references to Athabasca, which when I was 15, I’d no idea what it was.

Of course, I’m listening it to now. 15 again —

It was only summer thunder —

and I’ll get my traps in order and I’ll start to work anew —

Thanks for sparking the memory. 

(the link is to the album)