“Everything’s metaphorical.”

Garnet — Thank you so much. It’s interesting that you’ve highlighted that 3 of diamonds and that nine of clubs. . . I think they’re chosen for their rather blandness, their numeric relationship to and distance from one another and the difference in their suits. And, of course, no hearts! and no twos! because this is a love story and hearts and twos would be terrible clichés.

I’m not sure she was ever wearing all those things she is no longer wearing. I am sure you would have said, “Yes,” to the three of diamonds. We’re distracted — blame the wine. We think we saw a nine of clubs but once presented with the three of diamonds we realize that must have been our card. If it’s not our card, everything’s random. Ha!

You wrote. . . So, at the beginning of a relationship, what is really going on? How much fun is working out the implications of that sentence?

. . . Is saying yes, when the real answer is no, as much a sleight of hand as the disappearing card? You know, I’d not thought of it like that but I think you’re right.

Thank you again for all of your insights.


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