Into The Far Future / Twisted Into Stars

— Into the hired carriage
 — Into debt
 — Into society
 — Into closer connection with the family
 — Into your life
 — Into port on your dazzling shoulders
 — Into prominence
 — Into the pleasures of Paris
 — Into the storms of political life
 — Into an improvised Longchamp on Sunday afternoons in summer
 — Into a frail skiff
 — Into the depths
 — Into higher spheres
 — Into his work with the first earnest enthusiasm
 — Into the booksellers’ windows
 — Into our pockets
 — Into the trench
 — Into the hands of their enemies
 — Into the country this evening
 — Into dissipated ways
 — Into the lowest depths of poverty
 — Into riches by the cunning of the pen
 — Into the secrets of his hopes
 — Into the paths in which none of his old comrades tread
 — Into the exhibition sketches where the drawing is clogged with color
 — Into two separate camps
 — Into ecstasies
 — Into features somewhat pinched and rugged
 — Into a circle
 — Into exile; but that was only after
 — Into fashion
 — Into the secret strings of motive
 — Into the urn to draw real tears
 — Into a vortex 
 — Into the region of abstract ideas
 — Into the thick of a fight
 — Into the back waters of oblivion
 — Into the arms of newspapers
 — Into eyes brimming over
 — Into this joyous intoxication
 — Into a low chair at the foot of the bed, and never took his eyes off her
 — Into three pieces when he dropped it
 — Into the poet’s hand
 — Into his hand as she grasped it
 — Into which an inexperienced boy could not but fall
 — Into the far future,
 — twisted,
 — into stars.

A series of never-ending phrases found in A Distinguished Provincial At Paris — Honoré de Balzac