You make a good point. I have had entire poems generated by some odd word I have encountered. :)
Mike Essig

Mike Essig

Examples are always appreciated and a click on link’s worth the price of admission. Just sayin’ — if you’d care to share one.

Once upon a time, I wrote a long improvisation (3 minute read per Medium) on the word “linoleum” — or I wrote it on linoleum. It’s not entirely clear. Linoleum is not a big Old Thessie word, but it’s a word.

Here’s a link. It’s to “The Half-Life of Just About Everything.” There are about 30 poems in it. The shortest takes 3.96 seconds to decay (Radon 219). The longest takes 8.26E7 years (Plutonium 244). You want to stay away from that stuff.

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