Poems Written By “Anonymous”

Poems can be attributed to “Anonymous” for several reasons:

— the poet’s identity is malleable 
 — the poet is worried what his mother will think 
 — the poet, knowing he is unskilled in poetics, wishes to stand apart from his meager offerings 
 — the poet’s name is irretrievable in the poet’s memory 
— the poet’s name is a humiliating rhyme foisted upon him by his parents

— seeing his name in print, makes the poet flinch, much as it did when he saw it in the newspapers, years ago, when those were something, after each of his numerous arrests

— the poet has only recently stopped being teased by former schoolmates for his propensity during highly competitive cross country races to stop and smell the roses

— the poet wishes to strike a defiant tone but does not want to wait around for the percussion and repercussions of that particular train of thought

— the poet seeks the freedom of anonymity

— the poet is concerned that every simplification of his is an oversimplification and every complication is an overcomplication and, as such, the porridge, metaphorically, is never-ever quite the right temperature

Plus, the name “Goldilocks” was already taken.