Nice. When I taught writing, I warned my students that although a thesaurus is useful and fun, it…
Mike Essig

Thank you Mike Essig. I’m all in for the hilarious uses of the Thesaurus. Bring them on! The Thesaurus’s main usefulness for me is as a road map to somewhere else.

I was writing something this morning and didn’t want to use the word “compose.” Old Thessie, didn’t have any interesting synonyms for compose (this is why online is so amazing) so I just kept clicking through antonyms and synonyms until I stumbled upon “prettify.” The two words are not related to each other all that much but it took the work in a new direction.

Then “prettify,” turned into, “petrify.” Which was heading in the same direction except now I am more frightened.

Thanks again. I appreciate your reading and comment.

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