One Hacker’s Story
Vito Pasquale

This Morning’s Computer Hack / And Then We’re Done

I suppose that the best way to close this story is with the results of this morning’s hacking.

It’s 7:04 am as I am starting to write this and his computer has been hacked. I will wake my son up at 7:17 am. That’s our deal each weekend. He’s okay if I take longer climbing the stairs than I used to and knock on his door at 7:18. I don’t know what happens to the universe if I get there a minute later than that — it’s not happened, ever.

When I sat as his computer this morning, I’d already been thinking that Bob The Builder would make an appearance. He’s not been here in awhile and it seemed like a day for building bridges.

But the lead character in today’s hacking was one called, The High Honor Roll, you see because my son’s report card came yesterday.

I guess that was something I forgot to say in the original story — sometimes inanimate things come to life in the hacks. Today, The High Honor Roll spun a tale about how she —

(The High Honor Roll is female. I feel as if you already know this but sometimes I like to show how smart I am too. Ha!)

— how she wanted to be a helium balloon in a balloon parade. It was only together with her help and my son’s achievements that they both might able to fly. And all the power of flight in my life rests with my son’s ability, someday, to fly on his own.

Bob The Builder was in the hacking today too. If you know Bob, you know that before he builds something he has to kind of wreck it first. The statue they’re erecting must first crumble to pieces — so that Bob can save the day.

Bob, for all his good intentions, we’re holding onto childhood too long, almost popped The High Honor Roll on her way to hopefuly becoming airborne.

My son likes these little calamities on the road to redepmtion.

This is not how the world works, I tell my him. You don’t have to wreck it first, in order to succeed.

Of course, The High Honor Roll does take flight this morning. My son will be up in 1 minute and we’ll have to see how floaty we get today.