Failure and the process of becoming better

Why does nobody tell you that it’s alright to fail?

I believe we could be better at doing some things if growing up we had people saying that it’s alright if things go wrong. I don’t think that our education or our school system is based on that. I have always learned that failure is bad, that feeling down is a sign of weakness and having a bad grade is a way of being less intelligent.

As I grow up, and now being an adult with a job, I noticed several things. Among them that positivity and trust from others makes a huge impact on the tasks that you actually want to get right. If someone tells you that they believe in you, the bust of confidence in yourself will be huge. And most importantly, if you fail at that task, instead of getting yelled at or being punished, if you were being told that it’s okay to fail and that you can try again and put all your efforts to succeed, maybe you won’t be so depressed when you do fail.

I’m aware that sometimes we only have one shot at being successful at something in particular, but if we were trained to increase our efforts every time we fail, instead of getting depressed, maybe the chances of being successful at that one time would be higher.

In my personal experience, as in others closer to me, I’ve notice that when I failed at something such as bad grades in school or bad results in experiments at work, I got better results in the next attempts if I got a confidence pep talk. Contrary to when I was being told negative things that really pushed me down.

With time, I have found that being depressed about a particular failure it’s a waste of time. Time that could be put to work to achieve better things and better results.

Having the pressure to always have good grades, to always win, it’s the worst thing to teach a child that will grow to be an adult. Eventually, he will learn for himself that the feeling of having good grades and winning at something is so gratifying that he will want it for himself and that’s a good thing.

Why teach kids that it’s not okay to have a bad grade every once in a while? Why teach kids that they have to be perfect? Perfection is not the real world. Neither is failure. But, the most important thing, is to keep in mind that, in order to appreciate and achieve something good, sometimes failure is part of the process of growing better.