O que fazemos daquele copo meio cheio, meio vazio?

Em passos descompassados — e vergonhosos — para embalar o mundo em que vivemos, aquele que poderia ser. Sem foco, sem nada, no riso frouxo, riso fácil, aquecendo o coração num abraço apertado capaz de segurar os pés no chão, ainda que o mundo se desfaça em pedaços.

I wish I did not love you, but how could I not to? Now I look down at myself taking your hurtful actions and wraping them in colorful pieces of memories we share and I forgive you because there is no space for anger or disappointment between us, we have promised in silence to always make sense of each other’s confusion. Then drag me into yours and I will drag you into mine and we will come back to surface holding hands, laughing at our silliness, believing in those who lack faith, this is how we compensate the courage we lack in.

Despite of it all, I ask of you one thing only, that you do not walk out on me, no matter how messed up things may turn out when we, eventually, make decisions we cannot stand up for; do not stop yourself of saying you are sorry if you trully are and if you are not, please, say it anyways if you believe I need to hear it because

I cannot hate you,

I cannot handle crying you tears of pain

and I feel my heart overcompensating the urge to stop when

I cannot bear to look into your eyes

while mine are pouring because of you.

Have we the balls to keep smiling at the irony that we are gifted with for now? we are fated to experience life in opposite directions since we let go of each other, even though, we have never really commited to this decision, have we? The cowards we are… Or was that bravery? I acknowledge the former, however we put up an act to look like the latter.

How could it be, though, I come for you, with the purest naive begger’s eye, for clarity, that we feel as one when we were never allowed to feel for each other?

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