Every weekday I get up at 4:30 AM, get myself ready for work and leave my apartment. Most of the time I stop at 7 Eleven for a hot coco and maybe some snacks for work. After this or straight from my place, I walk down to the bus stop a couple minutes away. The bus comes to my stop in the Ladera Heights area of LA at 5:22, which gets to the famous Hollywood Blvd about 6:00. I enjoy seeing the peaceful Hollywood Blvd on my way to work in the morning, different the busy loud and crowded at night and the afternoon when I leave work. Sometimes en route to workn I get to take a quick power nap if I need it, listen to music to set the day, or do what I doing now- blogging. About seven minutes after getting off on Hollywood, my second bus comes to take me to Burbank where work. That route is pretty cool. I drive past the Warner and Universal lot, two places I talk about all day. I also drive past the Burbank airport. My office is literally right behind the airport. I always loved planes, so its an awesome sight and sound throughout the day.

At times I take an alternative route and take the subway to NoHo and get a uber or lyft to work, or if I running late or wanna treat myself every fews months, I will get a ride from my place to work. Thank the powers that be or ridesharing, especially when you do not own a car. But I actually do niy mind at all, I live in LA afterall. Most people do not know it, but LA has pretty good public transit and of course rideshare companies are big here. If not for this, I would not have been able to make the mive to LA a year ago. Wow… as of the 19th I will have been in LA for one year.

About 6:47 I get to the stop around the corner from my office. I wait for the traffic to clear dart across the dusty and busy Burbank road and walk to the office. I xant clock in until 7, so I walj around near back and sit and listen to music for a few minutes to relax and get in some extra steps. I watch the planes leaving and landing at the airport, sometimes just look into our tard and what equipment we have and where. I can use this info for later on while working. I also check my emails and get a mental game plan for when I clock in.

I go clock in and when the time comes and get going. Social media, marketing, PR is my trade but my job I have is different and far from what I thought I would be doing. I moved to LA and eanted nothing at all to do with the entertainment industry, stereotypically I lot of peoplw do move here for that reason. They just want to be close to in whatever possible. And me, well I just fell into it. I got a referral from a fraternity brother, I needed a job so I just went at it. I work in entertainment equipment rentals. No, not cameras or lights or anything like that. We rent condor lifts, forklifts, lightowers, or my favorite- scissor lifts, and things like that. All this stuff is needee to get some of your favorite shows and movies filmed and if they are getting filmed in LA, there is a good chance that they have rented from us. All day, I am communicating with production, transpo, and construction people on these shows, movies etc. to get them what they need, when and where they need it. Everyone makes mistakes, in this industry you need to catch them and fix before anyone knows. Messing up can cost thousands and lose customer trust, or worse- lose the customer all together. So yes, it does get stressful but I like and sometimes love my work. Plus its cool knowingyou had a part in getting “Superstore” and “American Horror Story” filmed.

I work hard everyday. I am willing to work thru lunch or stay late to get the job done right. Maybe I am just a good employee or a hard worker or whatever you wanna call it. I just call it doing my job. This is not the field that I thought I would be in. Honestly even though I am on the outer shell of the entertainment industry, I wanted to be on a another planet than the entertainment industry when I moved here. And when I got the job, I was unsure if I wanted to do. But I can say now, that I would not mind staying in this field at this office, even if it meant mot doing much aocial media ever again or passing on another position that could mean more money. This guy I work with ( that secretly I see as a mentor) has been in the industry for over 30 years and is well respected. I started with the comoany about 7 months ago and he told something that is sticking with me. “Find something that you highly like and even loveb work hard, put in the time, earn your bones, and that is how you will be successful. And that is with anything kid.”

That is what I remember when I do not wanna get up at 4:30 in the morning. When some of my co workers give ne a hard time for working too hard. When my co workers make me wanna quit. Or even sometimes when I wanna “end it all”. It may just be a job in some respects, but I know its something that someone somewhere respects and appreciates me for. Because I make someone else job easier. Its all about earning your bones and one day when you have them, you can breathe easier. But to get there, you have work for it.

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