Bose QC35 drawbacks — Cheap vs Expensive

Energy Sistem BT8 vs BOSE QC35

I’m not a writer so let me get straight to the point.

— Cushions are low quality and cost money to replace (about $34.99 at I discovered that the material they’re made of, appears to be the same as my old bluetooth headphones which lasted about 2 years.

— Pure integration with MacBook as microphone (you can’t use them with some programs as microphone). You will hear some weird noise while speaking using QC35 mic.

— Pure integration with smartphone apps as microphone (you can’t use telegram or skype with bose as microphone). There’re some special apps that force the input sound to go over bluetooth and WhatsApp seems to do it as well. However when this happens, the noise cancelling seems to automatically switch off and the sound quality degrade a lot.

I contacted Bose support and they said me they can’t do anything about this. You can read more people complaining on here and here.

— No media control when connected over wire. So when your ears are tired from NC, and you decide to turn it off and connect through wire, you won’t be able to use media keys.

— The Bluetooth and NC are same button so no way to use one function and not another which results in headache after prolonging use.

— Although it’s prepared for multi-device connection and it supports both my phone(Nexus 5) and MacBook at the same time, sometimes it gets stuck and you need to turn on and off the bluetooth on some of the devices. Otherwise it just can’t connect without any reason.

— The battery is not replaceable. This is just a hidden lifetime limitation. It’s very well known that batteries don’t last forever and probably after three years of everyday usage you’ll have to throw your QC35 to the trash or use them only wired.

One way to save money with the new technology is to delay the purchase a little bit and then test it on low-end rivals. I bought Energy Sistem BT8($100) back in 2014 as they were one of the first to support latest Bluetooth 4.0 LVE. I felt like it was a huge step forward to be able to hear that sound quality without cables. However the noise cancelling was near to zero. And after trying Bose QC25 I was really amazed and that’s why I bought the QC35.

I must also say that the Bose’s noise cancelling is also not the best. You can only forget about low frequencies but not high. 
For instance if you want to stop hearing your neighbor’s home repairs, it’ll work. But if your roommate is watching some movie using laptop’s built-in speakers, you won’t be able to stop hearing that.

To conclude, I would say BOSE is all about marketing. They’re not so good and far from being best as advertised. They are very good at filling all the internet with HQ reviews and posts that say they’re the best though.

In other words, don’t feed rich companies just because the thing is “trendy”.