What Do I Know About Remote Work, Outsourcing, Heroku, AWS and More …

Remote working

Today I am working fully on the new website for one project. We have a remote coder helping us. And we had some issues. I reminded me how remote work is specific and challenging in its way.

You need a great communication. You have to communicate fast, short and clear. Also you should not disappear for couple of hours or days without letting someone know. Nobody can see that you are away so, you have to communicate your presence or absence clearly to others. On the other side you need some quite time to focus and be productive. There needs to be the task always well defined, with clear goal and deadline. In general it is not easy at all.

Any tips for remote working and communication?

Migrating from Heroku to AWS

We have migrate three servers from Heroku to AWS. The reason was clear, safe resources, get more possibilities and freedom to implement architecture, which suites better to our needs. This was challenging task but after approx 100–200 hours we were finished. With some down time, but up time was not the main requirement. We still need to work on few things with deployment, but most of the infrastructure is on its place.

Have you ever worked with Heroku or AWS? Did you try to migrate from one to another?

Talking to outsource companies from india

I was talking today with two companies from India about outsourcing the development. It always looks very promising in the beginning. People from countries around India, they tend to promise anything, so it is hard to know, when they are able to do the job and when the just promise to do it. When you find out after some time, that they are not able it costs you time and energy and money to find some other way how to deliver your project.

The best way is to get as much information as you can about the company. About the all the people and developers working there. Get their portfolio and see, how it is looking. Get the code snippets from them and check it carefully. Also let them do some test project for free to test communication. Unless you have test them try to have some backup plan, or give them some not high priority project first.

What is you experience with outsourcing?

Testing Ruby on Rails

I was also testing some software using Ruby on Rails MiniTest framework and Rspec framework. I have been doing for quite some time, so it just reminded me, how programming is interesting and fun work. I got some challenges and also had to do some end to end testing. Actually it was quite interesting. I was hunting one bug and all together I have used MiniTest and Rspec automated tests, I have used end-to-end testing with the desktop app, I was checking the logs on the server, also some dashboard on Mandrill and finally admin dashboard of our web app. And at the end I failed to find the bug. So next time.

What is your experience with testing Ruby on Rails?

Chat is definitely working

We have added online chat Smartsupp to our web as a test. I had one conversation yesterday and two today. So it is working and people want to talk. The problem is that the conversations were not related to our main business and to our services. Hopefully this will turn in good soon and we also get some nice deals through the chat. In any case it is also good to know, who is visiting your website, even though the user is not future client. We will keep testing it further for sure.

What is your experience with online chats? Do you like it? Does it have a value for you?

Always use chat or sky or phone to communicate with clients

One last note I have from sales. We have an inquire for project. The client wants to use only email for conversation. No phone, no skype, no chat. I am pretty bad with emails. Emails are good for some specific cases, but for the rest there are better tools. And as I do not like emails that much and I am not good with quick responding the sales suffers from this a bit. The recommendation would be to either get clients to use some chat or online video calling tool or just phone or get better in writing emails and quick responds. This is related also to the fight against empty inbox in general. Which is a single topic on its own.

What do you use to do sales with clients? Do you have any advice for me?

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