Nice to re-read about your adventures in an article about Tour de Satoshi. Thank you for the recognition Cyptonomist!

Summary of day 9 of Tour de Satoshi: Final score is 7:2 for Bitcoin as today I finally arrive in Frankfurt at the ECB!

This day went by as smoothly as more than 100 km in snowy winter weather with many hills and cold feet can go. Arriving in Heidelberg, my bike was covered in ice chips and myself in wet clothing. Funnily enough, I found out that until today, it hadn’t snowed here at all; meaning that it snowed in the honor of my arrival! In fact, it had snowed so much today that the streets were covered in ice and snow but don’t let me paint the picture, the photos of my bike tell a better story.

Ice covered bike after arrival in Heidelberg.
… literally everything (including the water inside my drinking bottle).

Believe it or not, these days of the tour are divided in two challenging chapters for me: first the 100+ km of cycling in horrible weather conditions and second the hotel search to pay in bitcoin. This time finding a hotel was more painful.

The search took me from one hotel to the next and after ping-ponging me around 10 different places, I arrived at Hotel am Kornmarkt. The receptionist, Marianna, loved the idea of Tour de Satoshi and immediately called the owner of the hotel to ask for approval. However, as so many times before, the owner simply declined. Marianna and I were both very disappointed and she admitted that if it were up to her, she would have accepted instantly. So I had no choice but to leave the hotel… or did I have another choice?! Desperate, exhausted, and terribly cold, I went back inside as I had an idea.

I asked her if she was willing to pay for my hotel room if I paid her back in bitcoin? She not only was delighted to help but also loved the idea of owning some bitcoin herself so we had a deal! We installed the mycelium wallet onto her iPhone and carried through the transaction. Marianna is now a proud owner of bitcoin! Welcome to the community.

With these last transactions, I have now officially emptied out both my Tour de Satoshi wallets.

The tour is coming to an end. Tomorrow I will arrive in Frankfurt at the ECB hoping for bitcoin enthusiasts to show up and celebrate my arrival around 4:30–5:00 pm. I am excited to soon be able to finish this monstrous journey. My body is worn out and extremely exhausted. I cannot wait to get some rest.

Thank you for all the support you have given me before and during this Tour. The last chapter remains to be written now and obviously the last days’ story will follow shortly after!

If you like what I am doing, I still accept donations. Only this time they will not be spent on the tour but on spreading awareness and driving bitcoin adoption through team satoshi, a decentralized sports team that is meant to do just that.

My btc (segwit) wallet address:


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Tune in for the last chapter!