Attention Entrepreneurs

Hey there,
 Today I want to talk to the entrepreneurs. 
 Those of you who are busy building a dream and might not have realized how the VIVAconomy can help you reach your goals.
 You see, unlike most cryptocurrency projects which are primarily speculative in nature, our vision is focused on building a true economy.
 And businesses play a fundamental role.
 As an entrepreneur you primarily need two things: capital to keep things moving and loyal paying customers.
 By becoming a VIVA Crown Holder both of these become simpler.
 First and foremost, Crown Holders receive a Treasury Right every quarter allowing them to mint a certain number of VIVA Coins. This TR can either be sold to a mint or you can hold on to it and it will automatically grow your VIP account at the end of the quarter.
 Also, if you desire, you can set up a mint and use the VIVA Coins to finance your real-world business.
 Will this be enough to fund the next Facebook or Tesla Motors? Probably not right now, but every drop in the bucket counts. 
 Second, you are becoming a member of an elite group of visionary entrepreneurs. 
 Within the gated walls of the Crown Holders’ palace gardens, business ideas flow like rivers of milk and honey! We believe in walking through walls and ignore those who say it isn’t possible.
 Have an awesome idea? Who knows, maybe someone will pledge an extra Crown or two to back you up.
 Finally, by building your business from the ground up within the VIVAconomy you’ll be able to leverage our growth as we expand around the world.
 As more and more people begin to use the VIVA Business Applications that we’ll be launching, our social footprint will take off.
 And one of the main uses for this will be to promote businesses that believe in, and contribute to, the ideals that drive the VIVAconomy.
 So, as Crookshanks would say, “What are you waiting for?”
 Visit now and grab a VIVA Crown or two while they’re still available.
 Your bottom line will thank you!
 @storyteller in chief
 Listen. Think. Do.

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