Dad’s surefire gambling method

 When I was about 12 years old I remember playing gin rummy with my dad, and hearing him explain his “surefire gambling method”. He claimed that anyone could walk into a casino with this method and come out rich.
 Given our financial situation at the time, I was logically dubious.
 So here’s what he told me…
 “Whatever you’re betting on, if you lose double your bet. If you win cut it in half. And once you reach either your floor or your ceiling walk out the door.”
 Later as a math major I realized that this method has a few holes in it!
 First, six or seven bad days in a row could put pretty much anyone out of business. And second, doubling your bets seven or eight times in a row can get pretty expensive.
 So, why am I sharing this story with you?
 Because here at VIVA we don’t want people getting into VIVA as if they were playing at a casino.
 Is the VIVAconomy a surefire unbeatable opportunity? I’d be foolish to make that sort of claim. Every project has risks, and while I’m personally convinced that we’re going to succeed, I am far from being a fortune teller.
 So, here’s why I think becoming a VIVA Crown Holder is a good fit for some people:

  1. Because it can help them finance their business projects.
  2. Because it can boost their odds at having a stable retirement.
  3. Because it can open the door to helping others through our Awards Rights.
  4. Because I know and respect the brains, and hearts of those involved.

This, however, does not mean that I believe your grandma should invest her last dollars in VIVA Crowns.
 You need to do your due diligence and make an effort to understand the complexities of the VIVAconomy and make sure it makes sense for you.
 If you have questions, hop over to and say hi. We’ll be glad to clear up your doubts.
 And if you’ve made up your mind, go to and get your Crown now before the price continues to rise!
 @storyteller in chief
 Listen. Think. Do.

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