Eye of the tiger…

Remember the scene?
 A cold drizzly morning in Philadelphia. 
 A pounding rhythm, a relentless focus on the goal…
 Yes, I’m talking about Rocky Balboa. One of the great stories about personal triumph, and defeat and perseverance. Without a doubt, the high point of Stallone’s career.
 Well, that’s the feeling around VIVA headquarters these days. 
 We’re happy, intense and totally focused on reaching our goals.
 We may bleed. We may be pummeled by stronger and better financed rivals, but we have the guts, determination and grit that this battle requires.
 And believe me, it’s not going to take 2 movies for us to succeed!
 With this in mind, I just want to remind you that our ICO is in the final stretch.
 Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing with you a bit about what’s coming up soon, but if you want to reserve your place in the Crown Holders’ Palace gardens, now is the time to take action.
 It will never be easier or cheaper, believe me.
 Here’s the link: https://vivaco.in
 @storyteller in chief
 Listen. Think. Do.