From VIVA to AVIV — and a few other things

As promised, we want to follow up with some clarity.


The first thing you may have noticed that we are changing from VIVA to AVIV. While some people may think we’re trying to sneak in as a new enterprise, we are letting you know this is not the case.

VIVA had to be changed because Viva Bahrain, a Saudi based telecommunications company, was given a global trademark and has entered the payment processing space with Viva Cash. They were in business before VIVA Coin.

At the time, they were a regional company in an unrelated industry, but with their move into the global market in financial payments we have no choice but to acquiesce and rebrand.

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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” — Socrates

Token Name Changes

The names of some tokens have changed as well.
A very brief overview is below; more in-depth explanation will be posted soon.

Estate Coin

Because of the existence of another token called Crowns, we decided now was the time to change our top tier software license. VIVA Crowns are now called “Estates” which more accurately reflect the roles they play in the AVIV ecosystem. Like VIVA Crowns, Estates are software licenses, and only 42,000 of them will ever be available.


VIVA Coins are now AVIV. AVIV is the letters of VIVA turned around, and in Hebrew means spring and rebirth. A new beginning.

AVIV also means grain; to us this symbolically represents the sharing of bread with everyone, or in short, just sharing.


VIP retains its name and has the same basic design, however this no longer stands for VIVA Investment Pool. We decided Vesting Interest Pool more accurately reflects this savings feature in the AVIV economy.

Treasury Rights

Treasury Rights also retains its name but must undergo some structural changes while we are on the Ethereum network. (No image yet.)

Balance Corrections and migrating to Ethereum blockchain

Once everyone has completed the audit and agreed that their final balances are correct, these will be issued, as we migrate onto the Ethereum blockchain. Everyone will receive an email explaining the details of disbursements.

Please watch for this email and whitelist:


Moving forward, AVIV, will not be operating as a centralized private company. Our goal was always to build a third generation blockchain network and economy to turn over to the public. With us having to restructure now, we decided it was the best time to put that infrastructure into place.

We are creating a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) smart contract on Ethereum so that Estate Holders can have a governance framework to begin making decisions and grow the AVIV economy. We envision it operating like a foundation.

More details on this will come in a future communication.
We wanted you to get a sense of our plans and our roadmap moving forward.

Thank you,

Dawn Parker-Waites

VIVA Holdings LLC

Email Issue

Email campaigns are on hold as several email marketing services have changed their Acceptable Use Policy. Crypto-based projects are receiving the same problem with reaching their whitelist via email through common distribution services. As we search for alternatives to this problem, our temporary solution is to post our public messages on Steemit, Medium and LinkedIn

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