Magical Internet Money

I’ve been learning.
 And the more I’ve learned the crazier people think I’ve become!
 You see, probably like a lot of you, I’m not a cryptocurrency god. Sure, I’ve heard of bitcoins and followed the concept, but it was never really something I cared much about.
 To me, it seemed like a game that geeky, trader-types played instead of doing “real work”.
 However, as I’ve been slowly wrapping my mind around the significance and complexity of the VIVA project, I’ve realized that everything I thought I understood about money was pretty much inaccurate.
 So, the other day when Oscar, a friend of mine asked me, “Dennis, what’s with all this magical internet money you’ve been harping about?” at first I struggled to give him a good answer.
 After all, it really isn’t easy to break years of misconceptions in a few simple sentences.
 But in the end this is what I think it all boils down to…
 Money, like pretty much anything else we’ve invented, is primarily a concept. It has value because we agree to honor it between ourselves.
 Most of us think about money as an object we give Walmart in exchange for a loaf of bread or a six-pack of beer. You work a job and your boss pays you money, which you spend to get stuff. Simple, right?
 Well, the problem is that it’s a lot more complex.
 You see, the people at the top of the financial system have known for hundreds of years that money is really just a form of energy. The more you move it from place to place the better off you are.
 And that’s what they do. 
 They’ve built enormous fortunes by helping people and businesses move money from here to there — taking a nice juicy cut every step of the way.
 And this is the enormous, breakthrough idea of the VIVAconomy.
 Instead of rich, greedy bankers taking that cut (and buying Ferraris or super-yachts) we use technology to move the money and then split a much lower fee between everyone in the VIVAconomy!
 Think about it.
 The work is being done by computers, not by the guys in the pin-stripe suits.
 So, why shouldn’t we all benefit?
 And that, my friend, is how this “magical internet money” works.
 Yes, the technology is super-sophisticated. Yes, there are a lot of moving pieces and systems that you can study.
 But in the end, the whole thing hinges upon the fact that in the VIVAconomy, the energy of moving money goes back to you instead of some fat cat billionaire with a famous last name.
 Want to get in on the ground floor of this project? Buy a VIVA Crown in our ICO.
 Rather wait and see what happens? That’s cool too — I get it.
 Whatever path you choose, this project is moving forward. Too much effort and passion has gone into it to stop us now.
 Deep down I know that this is an opportunity you shouldn’t let slip away, but life is full of choices.
 Take care and talk to you soon!
 @storyteller in chief
 Listen. Think. Do.
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