My Personal Plan

Hey there,
 Recently a few entrepreneurial friends of mine have been questioning my sanity. 
 “You’ve been talking about how this VIVA thing can help business people like me, but you aren’t giving any specifics. Makes me wonder…”
 Which got me thinking.
 It’s true that the VIVAconomy is just taking off, and it’s early to show tangible real-world success cases. 
 But talking in abstract terms all the time breeds uncertainty.
 So, I thought I’d go out on a limb and share my personal plans for how I plan to expand my business into the VIVAconomy. Not because I want you copying them, but rather as a practical example that illustrates some of the advantages.
 So, be warned — this email may be a little longer than usual.
 As a VIVA Crown Holder I obviously have a stake in seeing the VIVAconomy grow and prosper. The bigger the pie, the more I stand to gain.
 However, as a marketer I also know that growing a strong user base is not a trivial task. In my opinion, gaining scale is the greatest obstacle that we need to overcome.
 Which brings me to my idea.
 In the next few months I plan to start a business called “VIVA Integrations” (sexy, right?) whose goal will be to integrate leading online business tools with the VIVAconomy.
 For example, imagine having a shopify integration that allowed e-commerce businesses to sell to their clients in VIVA or any other currency connected to the VIVAconomy. In one fell swoop our economy would be open to a whole range of new businesses.
 Another example might be integrating with Quickbooks or Xero, both leading online accounting packages.
 The key is to integrate the VIVAconomy with solid platforms that have substantial user bases.
 But how would this be a business?
 Well, in some cases we might add on a tiny transaction fee. In others we might have a setup fee. There might also be substantial affiliate commissions to be gained by cross promoting these tools.
 To be honest, the revenue possibilities are practically endless.
 But why would these platforms care? And how will I convince them to get involved.
 My idea is to pay for the actual development work. Why wouldn’t they be interested in connecting their system to a whole range of traditional and digital currencies — for free?
 Which brings me to the final piece of the puzzle.
 To finance this venture my idea is twofold. First I will be opening a mint to convert my Treasury Rights as a Crown Holder into VIVA Coins that I can use to pay developers. And second, I’ll be opening this venture up to fellow Crown Holders who want to participate.
 Will I be hiring one lonely developer or a team of sixty? 
 Well, that will depend on the deals, the partners and the growth of the VIVAconomy.
 However, I know that this is a clear winning project.
 Most importantly, as an example this illustrates how and why the VIVAconomy can help you as an entrepreneur.
 Interested in participating? Click here and become a VIVA Crown Holder. 
 Then send me a message and let me know you want to join forces!
 @storyteller in chief
 Listen. Think. Do.