Winter Calling! Warm Yourself Up Under These Vintage Quilts

Forget the worldly matters and escape to hide under the vintage quilts… There’s nothing warmer outside, isn’t it? Age doesn’t matter; the olds as well as the young feel safe under the welcoming warm & cozy quilts. But typical bedding would seem to be boring and make you raise dullness around. Instead you can try innovative combinations with lovely quilt patterns to have a lavish bedroom. Yes! Quilts are patterned exquisitely and modestly for multi-purpose use. All you need to know how to use them.

Although you can spread them over the dining table, display them in a cabinet or decorate small quilts on the walls, they look great where they were actually designed for — the bedroom.

Look at this Burlap king size quilt that has the color of natural sand, a trend-setting shade of 2016. Just pair it up with matching burlap swags or curtains and your bedroom will seem to be larger than otherwise. This elegant but modest piece of quilt brings in more light and adds elegance to the complete set up.

Burlap Star King Quilt

Wow! This vintage star black queen quilt(as named by Viva Home Decor) steals all the attention in this room. Very simply designed with the perfect combination of black and tan colors, this quilt is seen along with quilted throws carrying the same pattern. Pair them up with simple black window treatments and design a classic room to invite you. It already makes you feel the warmth through its style.

Vintage Star Black Queen Quilt

This is truly a beautiful patriotic design with rich shades of red, parchment and denim. All you can do is grabbing a piece from Viva Home Decor’s collection before it vanishes from the stock. Can you notice the romantic red pillows? They are sure to get a wink from your partner and no doubt they match well with the bold quilt pattern.

Liberty King Quilt

When looking for quilts, always make sure you are dealing with a reputed quilt dealer. Viva Home Decor is an obvious choice if you prefer quality home decor products. We have a classic collection of quilts for sale at very reasonable prices.


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