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Why it is riskier to wait to initiate your wearables strategy

Using wearable technology for underwriting purposes is a topic widely known in Insurance. Wearables are a conduit for valuable health data to augment mortality predictions in underwriting. They also introduce several ways to deliver accuracy, enhance engagement, and increase the insurability of more people.

With years of research, we’ve uncovered the intersection of health science and wearable technology and what this means for insurance underwriting. Since our validations from insurance industry leaders and our clients, we have surfaced our discoveries into compelling use cases. …

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Building tools for people to live better.

Abel Travis brings our CEO, Dr. Richard Hu, on the episode of the Insurance Innovators Unscripted Podcast.

In this episode, they discuss:

  • Improving Health Outcomes
  • How To Get Best Predictive Methodology With Least Amount Of Data
  • Balancing Health Care Costs With Technology Transformation
  • Turning Lagging Indicators Like Cost, Into Leading Indicators Like Proactive Management

Have a listen at the link below:

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Getting my steps in” sees a revival in health tech and accelerates insurance underwriting.

Insurance underwriting isn’t something widely known as trending in healthcare. But it can be when you tap into a tech-based generation that is highly responsive to incentivized behaviors with both immediate and long-term health benefits.

Insurance companies need a strategy to win and retain customers long-term by inviting the individual into more than just a conversation about their health history and habits. …

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It is well-established that smoking is hazardous to human health and is a major preventable cause of premature deaths.

For years now, researchers have confirmed that smoking increases one’s risk of mortality. Both heavy smoking, and more recently low-intensity smoking have been linked to increased occurrences of death in various populations.

It has also been said that “sitting is the new smoking”, that sedentary behavior is just as bad for one’s health. Internal studies conducted by our data science team have shown that sitting, is actually in fact worse. Vivametrica’s founders have been studying the effects of physical activity on health and chronic disease for over 20 years, this research has been the basis of our proprietary risk analytics. More interest in studying the impact of sedentary behavior on human health has arisen. Sedentary behavior has been shown to be an independent predictor of mortality in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). …


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Vivametrica uses mobile and wearable device data, AI protocols, and scientifically validated models to predict mortality and disease.

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