Once my friend told me do every work so acute that you can earn out of that. I ignored him that moment but the sentence troubled me for a long time . I was quite impressed actually . Applying it could really make life close to “perfect”. I then tried to fit in that sentence. I swear I tried hard. So hard that things even went upside down because I literally found nothing done perfectly, every work was an unfinished business. I was disappointed! “How would my life be being nothing close to perfect? ” This questions scared the hell out of me–– so much that there was a tornado inside my head. I could not bear it any longer and craved silence. Alas!silence didn’t help either.

Because I remembered times struggling to make things right. Even while writing this article. I went through every sentence back and forth, every misplaced punctuation, every misspelled words. I added and subtracted things. But still I found no peace. No satisfaction. Of course, no human being has ever revolved around its vicinity, but still, we always want best out of everything. Thats how we are modeled.

Later, I reckoned that nothing is perfect, it never will be. Because the definition is not absolute. Works aren’t labelled perfect. All that matters is how much the output sate you and how much you have grown during the process. After all, perrfection itself is an abstraction.

As for me, I just wander. Wandering is not perfection, it’s deception. But I sudder at the very thought that once I stop wandering my life will become still, which means more imperfect to me. Maybe I have my different definition of perfection or maybe I don’t need one. Or maybe I have never focused on how to live a perfect life rather to live a life full of treasures and adventures. A life full of spices and spirits. A life full of magic and mystery. A life full of different roads. Sometimes I want roads which leads me nowhere. Sometimes I am fine with whatever is going on. Sometimes I am too much voracious: wanting a bigger portion of everything. And sometimes just a silent kid waiting to utter her first word and travel new dimensions. And maybe these variances make my life what it is…

A beautiful mess!
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