My Take on XXXTentacion, 17

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I wasn’t particularly impressed by X’s last mixtape and I’ve been feeling his “edgy” character was getting out of hand. He’s made some bold claims about this album so I decided to see what he had to offer.

The project runs very short, only 11 tracks and 22 minutes long. This hardly feels like a full album to me, which is fine, but don’t expect something huge here. There are moments of something very promising on this album spread out between a lot of filler. X brings a depressing, laid-back vibe on this much more akin to what I’d expect from an old indie/emo rock outfit. This is then layered with typical lo-fi hiphop sounds and comes together nicely.

Lyrically this is what you might expect if you’re familiar with X. There’s some real depth here mixed with a fair dose of some forced, semi-cringe worthy depth. I think this will depend greatly on the listener though, too much for many but I think the sad kids who already love X will respond to it. I feel this is a 2017 version of me as a teenager listening to post-hardcore in my bedroom.

I think there’s more musical depth in this sound for X, despite his aggressive songs having garnered the majority of the attention so far. As an album, I think this leaves a lot to be desired. It’s honestly more of an EP in terms of just dabbling in a style.

I would like to hear a more conceptually grand project from X to push these fundamentals into something more.


  • Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares: Great vocal-sample beat on this one, X shows he can bring a smooth flow
  • Revenge : Channeling “The Used” on this one for me, with a little Raury-esque chorus effect to the vocals. Feels like a dark, playful chant
  • Orlando: a piano ballad feel to this one, a little repetitious but I can certainly imagine a young me loving it

Enjoyment Score 6+

If you resonate with X’s tone there’s probably some good here.

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