High-Dimensional Interactive Plots Made Easy. A Hands-on Tutorial.

HiPlot: High Dimensional Visualization Made Easy

About three weeks ago, Facebook open-sourced its homegrown lightweight interactive visualization library/tool for AI Research — HiPlot. It enables ML researchers and Data Scientists to analyze correlations and observe patterns in high-dimensional data, mainly using parallel plots.

What are Parallel Plots?

Parallel plots are one of the convenient ways to visualize high-dimensional or multivariate data.

  • For n-dimensions, n parallel lines are drawn, vertically and equally spaced. These serve as the axes.
  • Each data point is represented by a polyline with vertices on the parallel axes.

Below is a visual example using the ML 101 Iris Dataset. Observe the blue polyline which represents one data…

Learn Fundamental Concepts in Quantum Mechanics, Build & Execute A Quantum Circuit using Python on A Real Quantum Computer!

Enter the Quantum Realm

If you’ve stumbled across this page in the vast Medium Universe, chances are — you’ve already heard some rumors about all the amazing things quantum computers can (or potentially can) do — including a future where quantum teleportation might be a reality ;).

But how do you even get started as an everyday person who isn’t a scientist in one of the research labs? Maybe I can help since I was on the same boat myself until a few months ago.

We’ll start with some fundamental concepts in quantum physics and tie them to the inner workings of a quantum…

Spend more time modeling, and less time managing infrastructures. A hands-on tutorial.

Last Week at the AWS re:Invent, Netflix open sourced one of its homegrown framework for building and managing data science projects — Metaflow. It has seen a rapid adoption within their internal data science teams in the past two years, enabling many projects to speed up their time-to-production.

6 Key Mantras for a Technical Co-Founder.

I got 99 problems but the tech ain’t one.

Last weekend, I sat down to officially deprovision all the engineering resources running on AWS and Azure for Veniqaa New York-based fashion startup that aimed to serve consumers in South Asian countries to shop from luxury western brands.

We had a suite of apps built from the ground up over the past few months, but as we handled the first few rounds of shipments, the logistical complications made it difficult to support multiple countries. As a result, the technical team, including me, branched out to form Qarece targeting only the country of Nepal in the meantime.

The engineering…

The Deep-Seated Obsession of Graduate Degrees in Brown Cultures

Photo by Adrian Dascal on Unsplash

“Uncle Krishna’s son, he’s 24, and two years into his PhD.”

(Sighs) Oh here we go again.

Every kid who grew up in brown families is familiar with a very subtle art of insinuation employed in statements like the one above. For those unfamiliar — it is customary to kick-off a session of condescension with such insinuations in brown cultures. What follows is a few minutes (if you’re lucky) to an hour-long comparative analysis of You VS Your Relatives’/Neighbors’ Kids by hard-to-please parents, competitive uncles, prying aunts and nosy neighbors.

Lately, I have been at the receiving end of these…

Software Engineering at Tech Giants isn’t my answer.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

With a deeply rooted perception that a tech geek can only truly grow at tech companies, Computer Science graduates from American schools often overlook a promising industry.

Consulting, if done right— that’s the one-line answer.

But if you know a few people who have already worked in this industry, you probably have noticed a contrasting difference of opinions regarding this space.

Some enthusiastic proponents (like me) will describe it as an amazing life-changing adventure, some will have an indifferent “Eh! …

Leveraging AWS Powered Sales Intelligence ML Pipeline to Drive Millions in Revenue

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash


One of the regular challenges I face while designing enterprise-grade solutions for our client companies is the lack of reference online on examples of real-world architectural use cases.

You will find tons of tutorials on how to get started on individual technologies, and these are great when your focus is just limited to that particular framework or service. …

Creator of Veniqa. Co-Founder of Qarece & HackWears. Data Scientist, Senior Full Stack Engineer, R&B Recording Artist, Producer. (www.viveckh.com)

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