That’s a wrap! The Ethereal Virtual Hackathon hosted by Gitcoin and Microsoft came to an end last week, right in time for Ethereal Summit New York.

In two weeks, we had over 500 developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from across the world join us to build awesome blockchain-based projects. They competed for over $67,000 in total prizes sponsored by 14 blockchain and enterprise software companies. Each prize was posted as a bounty through Gitcoin, ensuring funds could be held and distributed to winners quickly, directly, and safely.

The winners of $50K towards Ethereum’s open source ecosystem

Gitcoin’s mission is to grow open source. In 2019, we’ve raised over $100K for open source projects via Gitcoin’s OSS Fund, almost entirely within the Ethereum OSS community.

The Gitcoin OSS Fund has had two matching rounds thus far, where $75K in funds were split up amongst Ethereum projects. Projects with the most unique contributors to their campaign on Gitcoin Grants received a higher proportion of the match.

To do this, we used the matching method outlined in Liberal Radicalism (“LR”) — a paper by Glen Weyl, Vitalik Buterin, and Zoë Hitzig — to determine how the funds should be…

Reach out if interested in joining as an ethical advertiser!

We are excited to announce that CodeFund will be an ethical advertising partner for Etherscan!

Etherscan is a block explorer and analytics platform for Ethereum, the leading decentralized smart contracts platform. The site is the industry standard for developers, investors, and others interested in reviewing transactions on Ethereum’s blockchain.

CodeFund is Gitcoin’s Web 3 friendly ad platform. Ethical, non-tracking, privacy centric advertisements will be placed on Etherscan’s website. These ethical ads will provide Etherscan a passive method of monetization in order to continue providing a public good to the Ethereum community. Etherscan joins the likes of and as…

Sustaining ourselves to sustain open source

Open source software creates a lot of value for the world; but open source projects are not famous for their ability to capture the value they create.

Gitcoin is no different. We’ve been live since 2017, and have done over $1mm in platform value since then. We famously did not do a token sale and have been operating on a super lean basis while we work through potential business models. As months have passed, and Gitcoin has proven out it’s worth, we’ve decided on a 10% fee on bounties as a start. (this does not apply to Grants/Kudos). …

Hosted by Microsoft & Gitcoin

UPDATE 4/15/2019 — The Hackathon is now live! Heres how to participate.

We’re very excited to announce The Ethereal Hackathon, a joint production between Gitcoin and Microsoft’s blockchain group, in advance of the Ethereal Summit.

The Ethereal Hackathon will be a virtual hackathon, running from April 15 — April 30th. Sign up here!

The difference between this hackathon and many others? On top of open ended prizes, there will be bounties which are associated with live, working products.

Using Liberal Radicalism to direct $50K to Ethereum infrastructure projects

We’re excited to announce our 2nd round of experiments with Liberal Radicalism. We have $50,000 to support 42 well known Ethereum projects, and we need your help to help us direct this capital.

Liberal Radicalism (otherwise known as ‘CLR’) is the matching algorithm to determine where the $50K will go. Instead of matching $1 for $1, CLR determines matching based on the square of the sum of the square roots of contributions received.

To read the rest of this story visit:

The grassroots effort to fund Ethereum’s OSS projects

On February 23rd at 5:36PM, EthHub creator Eric Conner sent a tweet. Less than 3 weeks later, $14K had been brought together for Ethereum commons.

Thus began the Gitcoin Torch, defined here on EthHub: “The Gitcoin Torch is a community effort to spur funding of Ethereum projects using the Gitcoin Grants platform.”

Less than two weeks later, $14,000 has been committed by 6 donors (some anonymous, some publicly)! It’s been amazing watching it play out over Twitter as the matching contributions come in steadily.

Results and lessons learned from our first $25K in matching

A few weeks ago, we announced a radical experiment in Open Source Funding. Using the matching method outlined in Liberal Radicalism — a paper by Glen Weyl, Vitalik Buterin, and Zoë Hitzig, we announced a $25K fund to match any contributions made to 25 Ethereum infrastructure projects.

Immediately, the community responded with support and feedback.

The Burner Wallet, Kudos, and Grant Matching, oh my!

Gitcoin was built in Colorado. It’s a big part of our culture and history, and we showed up ETHDenver in a big way to celebrate!

2019 has a lot of fantastic events lined up — and they all have to live up to high expectations set this weekend at ETHDenver. Set in the Sports Castle, 1,500 participants (including 750 hackers) shuttled into 6 floors including three hacking floors, a chill room, a Maker Space, and lots of interesting conversations about Ethereum and the future of the internet.

We won’t be able to cover everything in this article, but did want…

Matching contributions with up to $25,000 in funding, in ETH

EDIT 2019/02/23: Results announced here.

Gitcoin is excited to announce our first formal experiment with CLR, with $25,000 in matching contributions from Gitcoin’s CLR Fund. Our sponsors for this fund include the Ethereum Foundation and ConsenSys, via their respective grants programs, and unnamed donors in the Ethereum ecosystem.

As outlined in our recent post, the CLR mechanism is a concrete proposal for turning your small donations into something much larger. It requires a simple formula to achieve this goal.

  1. Crowdfund individual donations towards open source projects.
  2. A match from governments, grant programs, or private philanthropists

We are providing the $25,000…

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Building at @Gitcoin + @ConsenSys

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