Clutch City

Houston’s unrelenting spirit of service is bringing the city out of darkness.

The Houston Rockets helped raised me. Countless childhood hours were spent watching them play.

When I was woddling, it was Clutch City: Hakeem, The Jet, Mad Dog, and “The Heart Of A Champion”. By 2000, Stevie Franchise! Cuttino. MOOCHIE NORRIS. Eventually, Bonzi off the bench. T-Mac and Yao — oh, Yao, what a guy. 22 straight. Bostjan Nachbar, Vasillis Spanoulis. Finger wags from Deke. Luther Head, Aaron Brooks, Luis Scola and Carl Landry. In Morey We Trust.

Our basketball team, to me, was always indicative of Houston. A motley of talented individuals who are better together. During the recent tragedies during Hurricane Harvey, this has rung true.

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Togetherness In Tragedy

“(T)here was unity among the rescuers and rescued, a coalition of races and income groups. And there was, remarkably, calm.” — The Guardian

Hurricane Harvey is a tragedy. There are more than 10,000 people displaced, distraught, and unable to find their way to a place called home tonight.

Simultaneously, the outpouring of community support seems nothing less than a miracle. But to me — this is how we live. We collectively learned these lessons in Houston.

  • Be humble: Your successes are the successes of everyone who supported you along the way. Pave the way for others.
  • Be gracious: What you have can be gone in a heartbeat. Be thankful for your blessings everyday.
  • Help anyone: If someone needs help — help.

New Houstonian’s seem to show the same spirit. Connor Davis and Ben Rhoden came down from Austin with a boat to lend a hand — they rescued a middle aged woman and her dog, ferried a son to his mother, and provided first aid to an officer in need.

SWAT officer Daryl Hudeck (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Countless others have been active on water and land. Patrick Connor Bertlshofer, Ketan Datta, Dev Gandhi, we see you. There are thousands of quiet Houstonians acting under the covers.

Alyssa Pérez, Louis Cid, Taylor Otte, Chris George, Katherine Morille, Courtney Reimer Arnold were among a few thousand volunteers at George R. Brown. For most of the day, there was one volunteer for every five evacuees.

Huge thanks to our medical professionals working waaaay overtime doing stuff we are waaaaay under-qualified to do like Anny Jin, Shaine Singson, Varun Modi, and Soniya Al-Amin.

If there was ever a silver lining here, it is that the kindness of hearts in Houston, our home, is giving hope to many for the future of our nation. We are showing if we stick together, we can come back from anything. Today, the world is following Clutch City’s lead 🤘🏽🚀

Support the victims of Hurricane Harvey via the Houston Flood Relief Fund. Funds are intended to go straight to the victims in Houston and affected surrounding areas.