A year ago...Indore junction...Total hustle, bustle and chaos.
Heavy rains are adding to the misery of people, but for the New Girl In The City, rains are the loveliest thing in the world.

Rain has always been wonderful for me not because it is romantic, but because it is so heavenly.

A year back there I was standing at the railway station of Indore with enormous hopes and dreams in my eyes. Hopes that this city is going to change my life, But the reality is rather perverse…The city changed me!
Today, I’m no longer the New Girl In The City. I drive recklessly on the streets of the city, honk like I am insane on the busy signals, bargain like a professional with the sabziwalas and go shopping although I don’t want to buy anything. Stroll in malls, love the word ‘explore’ and cherry on the cake, I have also byhearted the names of the coolest hangout places in the city…. But still there is something which is just not right!!!!

I stand in the balcony of my semi-furnished 1BHK, situated in one of the most posh and sophisticated dwellings in the city. It’s a beautiful July evening, with coffee in hands, I’m tapping my feet on the tracks played on FM. Thoughts are crowding in my head just like clouds in the sky….. In the past one year I have realized that the problem with most of us (by ‘us’ I mean the so called young generation) is that our ambitions are guided by circumstances. Circumstances change, so do our ambitions…. Some realize the need for change and become the masters of their own fate and some fall prey to the ‘circumstances’.
It took me one year to realize that I don’t want to be part of the crowd. I have a motive which I need to ‘explore and chase’. Hope you won’t take that long……
Not many will understand what you are trying to do. People will always test you before they trust you. But always remember….. A single person can move mountains, perform miracles… And the person could be you… Only if you decide…..
So cheers to the cityoflessons#Ready for the new ‪#‎sapnokiudaan‬

Thank you for reading.