Recently felt the frustation of writing JAVA code in a JS script… using a HTTP connector to call BPM’s own REST APIs? Read on to know how to leverage the external service feature and small customizations to simplify this

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I am using BPM 8.6, please check your product version to ensure compatibility.

First, lets get into what are external services are.

External Services is a design time artifact which is helpful in scenarios where BPM needs to reach out to / call a service that is outside its own realm.

External services provides an elegant way to define the REST…

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This article is on IBM’s product offering in the automation space — BAW , still cherished as “IBM BPM” by me.

Though most of the platform offers a low-code/no-code apprach to designing and implementing business processes and their related automation, there is still some “coding” effort involved to perform variable manupilation and achieve the required results among other things.

The “code”, when we look at it, looks a lot like Javascript and the engine that executes the “code” is the Rhino engine. …

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