Principle For Mac — Worth a try!

(P.S This is my first article, please leave feedbacks on what you think, will definitely improve in the future! )

I’ve been working as a UI designer for more than a year and so far only Invision was my only prototyping tool which I used, to give life to my designs. Though it serves the purpose well and has it’s own pros and cons I always felt it lacked the extra creative push — It wasn’t feeling live! It always lacked the little live interactions I needed to put into before showcasing the works to the client or the product manager.

Recently , the prototyping tool Principle, has been doing rounds and we could already see awesome presentations in dribbble and other places. Inspired and excited seeing them, I decided to give a try. After about a month of using it, here’s what I got to say.

It’s Fast!

For people who work with After Effects to show a simple card slider animation, the normal work time would take at least 30+ minutes to make it a working prototype. But trust me, once you have mastered principle it only takes you 10 minutes to do them! You can literally save hours compared to AE, and also bring out very cool transitions compared to Invison.

A simple interaction I tried out which took me less than an hour! Real pixels at

It’s Easy!

Compared to other complex tools out there, Principle is very easy to learn and master. It took me around 10 days to get hold of the basics and I was already creating cool transitions and experimenting stuffs. So if you’re a beginner and are looking to learn a new prototyping tool I’ll definitely suggest you to try this. And for people like me who struggle with After Effects, for hours to make a simple slider transition, this is a treat!

These interactions, which would’ve taken ages for me to do in AE, was made quite easy with Principle!

Sketch Import

I use sketch for almost all of my UI designs and yeah, all you have to do is a click and you’re ready to prototype your designs. This saves time when compared to invision where you have to upload all screens to your project before starting to prototype it.

Cool Transitions

Using Invision, I always felt I’m not able to communicate my ideas clearly to the product owners. The transitions which I wanted was never making an appearance due to lack of visual cue to the developers. But principle, has those simple and cool transitions which you can build quickly into your prototypes and implement your ideas!

Export Options

Principle gives you quite a few cool options to export your prototypes, you can export the prototype as a dmg application and people can straight away use and feel the designs. There are also options to record your prototype and export them separately as .mov files or .gif . There’s also a dribbble ready export option for the gif with resolution of 800w retina which is my personal favourite! ;)

The Cons

It’s quite confusing at the beginning, if you are not good at naming your layers properly in your sketch document. It is only a prototyping tool and No Code or CSS styling can be exported from it. The 14 day trial period which I feel is short to experiment more stuffs for beginners. Only sketch import, for designers who use illustrators and photoshop, its an oops.

The Verdict

If you use sketch,
If you’re bored of Invision,
If you’re too lazy to learn After Effects,
If you need prototyping made real quick and easy,
It’s definitely worth a try!