Holy river conservation – Narmada Yatra

Walking with seers ,saints, politicians during Namami devi Narmade program
We believe our rivers are holy because they hold the tale of Indian civilisation- Vivek ji

( speech during the Namami Devi Narmade program )

First of all I salute to Mother Narmada, there are not many nations in this earth where rivers are called Mother but this is the depth of this country that we had called our rivers as mother.

Dear Everyone since the we are late in commencing the Yatra i would not name every honourable person sitting on the stage but collectively I bow my head and salute all of you.

Indian culture and seed of this civilisation was sown somewhere on the riverbank of these river

We all believe that our rivers are holy because on the banks of these rivers our historical forefathers have started to wonder about this world, the purpose of this life and from here the journey of spirituality and meditation has begun, these are the riverbanks only where first human civilisation was formed the seed of human society was sown, here on these banks the first commercial activity had taken place, if you start looking everything of our human society has taken place on the banks of these rivers, it’s not only our duty but also a call to safeguard the Sanctity of these rivers. If we can’t safeguard the sanctity and purity then we can hold the tale of Indian civilataion too, we won’t be able to hold the truth of this society too.

In last few years I was walking to protect the Indian rivers of India and last time when I walked along the banks of Shipra river I imagined that if the government comes together to safeguard the rivers and help civic society a lot can be done, and this dream was fulfilled by Hon chief minister of the state Shri Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan through Namami Devi Narmade program. I call to the citizen of this country that we should all give at least one hour everyday to protect and cultivate the sanctity of our rivers as these rivers do not hold only the water but the story of this civilisation. Since there is not more time I pledge to everyone to walk, create awareness, discuss and make a program to work on river conservation.