The Obituary of Push Marketing?

These are the best of the times, these are the worst of the times. The Push vs Pull Marketing War is over. Pull Marketing is running low on intelligent ‘data-driven’ inventory and Push Marketing has been declared dead - atleast 20 Mn times on Google. All the conventional push marketing channels including the age-old SMS, Pesky-Call-Center-Calls, Classic Email and The-New-Age-Notifications, have been written off at some point in time. Pull based channels on the other hand are fighting their own battles with Apple AdBlockers, skyrocketing CPC’s, fraudulent traffic to list a few.

All said and done, marketeers across the globe have bastardised Push channels. Right from inventing better email delivery solutions to cunning bots pushing Whatsapp messages. And for every obituary that has been attempted, published and pushed an equal number of brave attempts have been made at declaring that — push is not dead.

Email is the Jason Bourne of online: somebody’s always trying to kill it. It can’t be done.

In the minds of the Media Planner, marketeer, each declaration of “X is Dead” triggers two classic reactions-

  • What alternates do I have and
  • What can I do that will not kill X for me

X = SMS, Voice Calls, Emails, Notifications, Social

The answer to the former is limiting in the digital world. Digital Marketers and CRM teams only have access to so many communication channels. The latter though, opens up the world of personalisation and optimisation, both of which go hand in hand. There are 3 key drivers for personalisation—

When executed appropriately, push inevitably translates into pull. Drip Marketing is a classic example where nudges and gentle reminders pushed via the right channel can trigger the right emotion, hence an appropriate response. Levers of personalisation when pulled/pushed appropriately will help marketeers to analyse and execute their user communication.

More on how the current tools and processes swiftly oscillate between push and pull, when it comes to user acquisition, in the next post

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