Which common programming languages used in Brazil?

A data analysis using Stackoverflow’s 2017 and 2018 Annual Developer Survey.


With the advent of new areas in Brazil such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, many programming languages that were poorly spoken and used are now experiencing a rise in popularity.

You may have already heard “Python is the programming language of the moment” or “Functional Paradigm is much better than Object Oriented”.

In this article, we are going to analyze real data to verify if these programming languages are really being used Brazil or if they are just rumors.

For this, we are going to use data from Stackoverflow’s 2017 and 2018 Annual Developer Survey.

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Every year, Stack Overflow conducts a massive survey of people on it’s website, covering all sorts of information like programming languages, jobs, code style and more.

There were more than 150 questions as a part of the survey, including:

“What frameworks do you work with?”

“Do you program as a hobby or contribute to open source projects?”

“What IDE do you work with?”

Part 1 — What are the most used programming languages in Brazil?

We can see that classic languages like: Java Script, SQL, Java are still in the top positions. Stack Overflow 2017 survey data and Stack Overflow 2018 survey data

We can see that in 2018 two programming languages ​​have risen such as HTML and CSS, but these programming languages ​​are old and commonly used, this probably happened because in the StackOverflow Survey of 2017 it was probably not possible to select these two languages as option.

Figure 1 — Percentage of use of programming languages among all the cited programming languages by the respondents.

These data have brought us a very valid information, but it could be more interesting to know what are the most wanted programming languages.

Part 2 — What are the most wanted programming languages in Brazil?

We can see that Python have grown tremendously close to other languages. This is probably happening because its’s a programming language that is very versatile and has been used extensively in data related areas.

Most of the programming languages ​​that have appeared as programming languages ​​most used at work, also appeared in the ranking of most wanted programming languages, this show us that are many people wanting to learn these languages.

Figure 2 — Percentage of desire of programming languages among all the cited programming languages by the respondents.

Part 3 — How does programming languages used at work relates with programming languages people want to learn?

By looking at the raw data, we can spot some patterns such as for people that use python at work, for example, python is also cited as language that those people wanted to learn in the next year.

A natural question arise:

“The pattern observed for python holds for the other languages?”

To address this question, we built a heat map that indicate how the work programming languages ​​were related to the desired programming languages. The darker the position gets, the more related the programming language is.

Figure 3 — Percentage of relationship of work programming languages and desire programming languages ​​in 2017 and 2018.

With this figure we can have two insights:

1. As is evidenced by the diagonal line, people who already work with a programming language have a strong probability of wanting to learn the same programming language.

2. People who work with a programming language of a specific area, tend to want to learn programming languages ​​of the same area. For example: HTML is strongly correlated with CSS and JavaScript.


In this article, we took a look at what were the most popular and most biased programming languages, according to Stackoverflow’s 2017 and 2018 Annual Developer Survey data.

  1. We have seen that some older programming languages such as JavaScript, SQL, and Java still dominates.
  2. Younger programming languages ​​like Python have been well-deserved to be learned, but the oldest ones still have their value and are being much demanded.
  3. People who already work with a certain programming language have a tendency to learn that language or related languages within correlated areas to improve their own skill.

To see more about this analysis, see the link to my Github available https://github.com/vrajeshtanaydas/Data-Science-Blog-Post



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