“Hillary Clinton is a joke!” says Mr. Bean(Part -1)

A big fat liar is how I define Hillary Clinton. Mr. Bean tells us why !

Hillary and the LGBT community.

A short and final answer given by Hillary Clinton upon asking if she supported gay marriage.


Later she conveys her thoughts explicitly saying “ Marriage is not only a bond, but a sacred bond between a man and a woman”

Something happened in 2013 ! She now is on the side of the LGBT community.

She thought it for a decade ! How thoughtful of her !

Hillary and the sniper fire !

During her visit to Bosnia in the nineties, she was well greeted by young girls and the American troops. She even shook hands with the army personnel. In the video you can see a little girl handing over a letter to the democratic candidate.

Despite all these being video taped by the press, she confidently says “I remember landing under sniper fire, we had to run all the way to the safe vehicle.”

A fine theme for a Hollywood flick !

Hillary Clinton and NAFTA.

Once the North- American- free- trade- association treaty was signed, thousands lost their jobs as companies were slowly laying off its employees and hiring them off instantly through a temp agency and started outsourcing the jobs.

After this had garnered attention, many have condemned the then President’s(Bill Clinton) decision on NAFTA. Hillary Clinton who was once PRO-NAFTA did not hesitate to say later that she was a critique of NAFTA since the very beginning.

Hillary means business !

Hillary and her personal interests.

The whole Wall -Street knows that in order to have Hillary speak at their meetings, you need at least $225,000 in cash or cheque. She doesn’t take anything lower. Integrity !!! Yet she earlier agreed to $12 per hour wage is good enough for being alive.

A modern day parasite after the banker !

A senseless answer.

Upon being asked if she always spoke the truth, this is what she said.

I always tried to!

Hillary and her vault.

She was entrusted with top secret documents, but she had different thoughts. She carried out million dollar deals with that information and became a businesswoman. She calls her careless act as a convenience. The private server never contained communications between her husband and herself.

She broke the law and that’s the reason the FBI is after her. To be specific, FBI conducts criminal investigations better than petty thefts.

She found comfort in the convenience.

Part-2 will be posted soon !

I am Vikky Narayan and I use cartoons to explain (from today ;)